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Legalize Filesharing!
We are coming together from across Europe to call on the European Commission to adopt copyright rules that are fair to creators and users.

Avrupa Birliği Vatandaş İnsiyatifinin Adı
Freedom to Share
To legalise sharing – via digital networks, for personal use and non-profit purposes – of files containing works and other material protected by copyright, related rights and sui generis database rights, with a view to striking a balance between the rights of authors and other rightholders and the universal right to science and culture.

İnsıyatifin resmi metnini oku

Our initiative calls for the adoption of a legislative act providing for a waiver of copyright, related rights, and sui generis database rights for natural persons sharing files via digital networks for personal use and non-profit purposes.

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Harekete geç

Bu insiyatifi arkadaşlarınla ve irtibatlarınla paylaş: onlara yaz, iletişim malzemelerini yay, onlarla konuş, vb.

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